Top 5 Tips to Help You Prevent a Blocked Drain

Blocked Drains can be a frustrating emergency to deal with. If your whole house gets blocked up, the water may even start flowing back up, which could lead to a foul smell and risk of your bathrooms and toilets flooding if the water keeps coming back up. Of course, regularly cleaning your pipes and drains will help you avoid this issue. But what can you, the homeowner, do to reduce the possibility of blocked drains in your home?

5 Habits You Can Adopt to Prevent Blocked Drains in Your Home

1- Keep Hair Out of Your Drains

Hair is one of the most common causes of blocked drains. Unlike other debris, hair does not disintegrate quickly. Instead, it keeps accumulating, forming a formidable ball of resistance that can block your drain over time. To avoid this, always clean your shower drain after you’ve washed your hair in the shower. Also, if you’re shaving your beard in the sink, use a newspaper or towel to collect all the hair and dump it in your trash instead of letting all that hair go down the sink.

2- Don’t Pour Oil Down the Drain

This is big no-no. When disposing of cooking oil, never pour it down the drain as it is a recipe for disaster. Oil solidifies and clogs the drain and can build up very quickly. So, to avoid clogging your drain with grease, always dispose of oil in the trash and never pour it down your drain.

3- Don’t Flush Toiletries

Tampons, sanitary pads, baby wipes, condoms and tissue papers are all culprits when it comes to blocking drains. Never flush any of these toiletries or any other items other than toilet paper in your toilet. Even those little cage type toilet fresheners can clog the drain if they accidentally get flushed down.

4- Install A Gutter Guard

Leaves, twigs and other debris collected on your roof gutters can end up clogging the downpipes and stormwater drains. Installing a gutter guard will prevent weeds and twigs from going directly into your gutters. Regularly cleaning your roof gutters is important to avoid having debris from blocking your pipes.

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Last but not the least, you need to have your drains professionally cleaned every now and then to keep them working as they should, facilitating the flow of waste water. At ePlumbers, we can help you unclog your drains and clean your pipes to ensure nothing untoward happens. To get a quote, give us a call on 1300 254 973


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