What should I do when the drain blocks up?

Having Drain Blocks at your residence or any other clogging issues can be quite troublesome. Anyone can get stressed about it. At times, you might find yourself pulling the hair out of the drain, which is an annoying thing to do. Clogged drains are unavoidable, but there are simple ways to prevent it, like:

  1. Avoid pouring oil down the drain
  2. Keeping your hair out of it
  3. Don’t flush toiletries
  4. Install a Gutter Guard
  5. Seek professional help 

For more details on the prevention of Drain Clogging, click here. We have provided some helpful tips to save your drain from getting blocked for a long time.

But, if you’re facing this situation, these are the steps you should follow immediately to prevent it from making it worse. Once you follow these, you’ll be well on your way to getting your home back to normal. Here’s what you should do to Fix Drain Blocks:

  1. Stop using the drain. This is pretty obvious; however, just because the toilet’s flush is functioning doesn’t mean the toilet contents are actually getting drained in the way they should. When you know you have a blockage, using your drain only makes the cleaning and unblocking process more complex. Not to mention, it gets messy.
  2. Contact a good plumber service. Now is the time to ask for professional aid. You might need a plumber with several years of experience and suitable equipment for the job. Blocked drains are complicated and should only be tackled by trained experts.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the space – While your kids might get curious about this situation, blocked drains can leave a mess with a foul smell and are pretty unhygienic as well. Keep your children and pets safe by holding them away from the affected area.
  4. Close the doors that lead to the blocked drain– The last thing you want is anyone accessing the area. Ensure that any unsuspecting guests don’t accidentally enter the site but make sure that all doors to the room are locked.
  5. Cleaning the Sewerage: If you have sewerage inside your residence, try to clean it as soon as possible with a mop and bucket. Sometimes the sewerage ends up inside your home, and to prevent damage to your house and to keep germs at bay, it is a good idea to clean the area immediately. 
  6. Wait for help to arrive – You should let the professionals deal with the Drain Blocks while you relax. The expert will know what type of blockage you have and how to fix it. They will come to your location with professional drain cleaning equipment and assess your home before starting the job.

Contact ePlumbers

It would be best to have your pipes and drains cleaned professionally from time to time to keep them working as they should. 

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